You can create high-converting squeeze pages, landing pages, sales pages, thank you pages, bonus pages, affiliate review pages and much much more..

You can start from a 100% BLANK Canvas and use our drag-n-drop elements and editor to easily build professional looking pages in a matter of minutes.

Or you can use one of the DONE-FOR-YOU Templates that are BUILT-IN to FX Funnels.

There’s over 100 Professionally Designed Sales Funnels that are ready to be deployed and MAKE YOU MONEY!

But just like FX Funnels isn’t your Average Page builder, it ALSO doesn’t have your AVERAGE templates built-in.

ALL of the templates are designed with CONVERSIONS as the MAIN GOAL!

Most other page builders like to focus on ensuring you have “nice” looking templates. Templates that are “BEAUTIFUL” and they hire designers that are NOT marketers..

Sales Funnels are the LIFEBLOOD of BIG profits for ANY online business. It’s what allows you to turn a $10 sale into a $300 or $1,000 sale!

It’s what allows you to turn a FREEBIE offer into a PROFITABLE offer!

If you have NO idea what a sales funnel is, it’s simply having MULTIPLE offers in place when someone INITIALLY enters your sequence.

So for example, someone opts-in to your email list and you immediately send them to a “THANK YOU” Page where you present them with an offer to BUY one of your products.

Then if they BUY that offer, you present them with ANOTHER offer that compliments the purchase they just made.

Another example is someone BUYS your main product and then you IMMEDIATELY send them to an Upgrade offer (a.k.a One-time-Offer, a.k.a OTO, a.k.a An Upsell).

And many times, smart marketers have MULTIPLE Upgrade offers so they can sell more of their products and make more profit.

There’s not a SINGLE experienced marketer that is selling something online that is NOT using a sales funnel. I can 100% Guarantee That!

And having the ABILITY to create Sales funnels FAST, is VITAL to skyrocketing your profit.

Products that have just ONE product and ONE offer for sale will have a VERY hard chance of EVER producing a PROFIT!

We ALL need to have sales funnels in place to TRULY build a profitable business.

And with FX Funnels, You can have COMPLETE Sales Funnels up and running in a matter of MINUTES!


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