Instantly Access The First and ONLY Autoresponder That Allows You To Profit From The Power of Email, Text & FB Messenger Under ONE Central Dashboard With

Create and Send Unlimited Email Campaigns
Without EVER Paying A Monthly Fee

Import Unlimited Email Contacts WITHOUT Having to go through a verification process

Unlike most autoresponders, you’ll likely lose 30-40% of your email list when trying to import to them because they’ll make ALL your contacts have to CONFIRM to be on your list ONCE AGAIN – even if they’d been your subscriber for years.

Create Unlimited Email Lists

Just as you can import unlimited contacts, you can also create unlimited email lists and assign each list of imported emails to their own separate email list. This is extremely powerful if you’re operating in different niches, are building different brands, have different products and services, need to keep your free subscribers separate from your PAID customers or anything in between. With Sendiio you can create as many different email lists as you want.

Create Unlimited Optin Forms to build your list even further

You can quickly and easily create unlimited optin forms which integrate with ALL page builders on the market. It doesn’t matter if you’re using ClickFunnels, LeadPages, OptimizePress, ProfitBuilder, Elegant Themes or ANY other lead-capture page builder. Just create your form, copy our HTML or iFrame code and paste it into ANY page you’d like.

Create Unlimited Follow-Up Sequence Campaigns

True passive income from your email list comes in the form of automated follow-up sequences. With Sendiio you can add as many automated messages to be sent to your list 100% automatically to generate sales for you EVERY.SINGLE.DAY without you having to put in ANY work yourself. Once your sequence is set up, you can just focus on feeding your list and let Sendiio handle the bringing in the profit for you.

Create Unlimited One-time Broadcasts Campaigns

Do you prefer to email your list on a day-by-day basis instead of using a follow-up sequence? No problem! With Sendiio, you can create an UNLIMITED amount of one-time broadcast email campaigns as well! Use these to send out a quick announcement, send out a special promotion, or ANYTHING you’d like!

Connect UNLIMITED Domain names

Do you run multiple brands and need to send emails from different domains and/or brands? With Sendiio we’ve made it extremely easy to connect an UNLIMITED amount of domains to your account that you can send emails from. This allows you to keep everything separate and operate in as many profitable niches as you’d like.

Send UNLIMITED emails without ANY monthly fees by simply connecting to your SMTP

With Sendiio, you can connect to your C-panel SMTP account in 60 seconds or LESS and send as many emails are your hosting allows without EVER paying any monthly fees. This is the PERFECT strategy if you’re just starting out with building your email list and profiting with email marketing. It requires ZERO monthly fees and you can grow as your business grows into a paid SMTP provider. We also walk you through EXACTLY how to set it up AND how to set up your domain for MAXIMUM deliverability.

FULLY-Flexible Scheduling System For Your Broadcasts

Want to run your campaign immediately or schedule it for the future? No problem, we have a fully-flexible scheduling system that will allow you to schedule your campaigns to be sent out immediately OR schedule it for the next day or as far out as you’d like. You’ll be able to schedule an UNLIMITED amount of email broadcasts as well.

Fully-Flexible Scheduling System For Your Follow-Up Sequences

Just like your broadcasts, you have full flexibility of how your follow-up sequences are sent. You can choose to have them sent on specific days of the week AND at specific times of the day! Or you can just leave it open to be sent at the interval in which they joined your list. You’re in full control of how your follow-up sequences are sent.

Connect to ANY premium SMTP providers in minutes

Ready to graduate from using your hosting’s SMTP and start using a PREMIUM SMTP account? You can seamlessly integrate Sendiio with ANY of the TOP SMTP providers for even better delivery.

View In-depth Stats For ALL Your Email Campaigns

See who opened your email, who didn’t open your emails, who clicked on the links in your emails, who didn’t click on the links etc. Plus you’ll be able to see the GEOLOCATION of the subscribers you’re emailing, see what device they’re reading your emails on and a TON of other VITAL information that will help you better understand your subscribers and MAXIMIZE your profit.

Easily Skyrocket Your PROFIT by RESENDING your email campaigns based on your subscribers activity

Just like you can SEE all the vital stats we mentioned above, Sendiio allows you to TAKE ACTION on that vital information to easily make more profit. Most email campaigns capture 30-40% MORE profit by simply re-mailing later in the day to those people who DIDN’T open the email the first time around. Sendiio makes it SUPER easy to Resend your campaigns to capture more profit.

Complete Step-By-Step Training Tutorials to Set Up Your Sendiio account in lightning speed

Not only have we ALREADY developed one of the EASIEST and SIMPLEST autoresponders on the market, we’ve also created COMPLETE, step-by-step training videos on EXACTLY how to set up your account EVEN if you’re not a “techie” person like I am. You’ll be able to look over our shoulder as we walk you through EVERY step of the process to ensure you get MAXIMUM deliverability with Sendiio.

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